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Phumkreus Khmer


Phumkreus Khmer Details

The upper floor, which is closed on all four side, provides sleeping accommodation during the night, clothes, furniture and objects of value are stored here. A pitched roof with an open truss completes the structure.

Depending on social status or financial possibilities, this basic structure may vary. Such variations are often seen in the partitioning of the upper floor.

Based on the framework and depending on the size of the building, 1 - 3 pitched roofs are placed alongside each other, the central roof will be noticeably smaller and narrower. A hip roof is another variation of the typical roof of a Khmer house, this construction require a large amount of material and is complicated, so that it is rarely seen. The shape of the roof defines the difference house types.

Relax and partake of delicious Khmer cuisines specially selected for your enjoyment. Better still, join our "Cooking Class" culinary classes and impress your family and friends with your new found skill.

The Menu

  • All menu price at US dollars
  • Price in US Dollars, subject to 5% service charge thereafter applicable VAT
  • Reserve seat at dining@angkorpalaceresort.com
  • Tel: +855 63 760 511

Champey Flower Menu

  • Green tamarind chicken soup
  • Braised river prawn with palm sugar and black peppercorn
  • Grilled marinated beef with Khmer spices
  • Pan-fried catfish with mango salad
  • Braised duck with sour leaf
  • Steamed organic rice
  • Khmer Sweet
  • Pumpkin sago in coconut cream
  • Freshly brewed coffee or selection of tea

Chhouk Flower Menu

  • Kho-Kho Khmer soup
  • River shrimp & lotus root salad
  • Braised fish in palm sugar with green mango
  • grilled chicken and Prahok dip
  • Beef saraman curry
  • steamed jasmine rice
  • Assorted Khmer Sweets
  • Freshly brewed coffee or selection of tea

Nakry Flower Menu

  • Fresh vegetables fish soup
  • Dried minced pork with cucumber salad
  • River lobster with sour gravy
  • Grilled pork with Khmer chili sauce
  • Deep-fried crispy shrimp with lime dipping
  • Steamed turmeric rice
  • Khmer sweet
  • Palm fruit in coconut milk
  • Freshly brewed coffee or selection of tea


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